Jhargram Raj Palace

History of Jhargram Legend has it that around 1574.AD Man Singh had come to conquer Bengal on behalf of Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great from Rajasthan(Erstwhile Rajputana Kingdom). He appointed two of his loyal officers in the army,Sarveshwar Singh and his elder brother to defeat the local tribal rulers of the region known as Jungalkhand, the area was populated by Tribals known as Santhals, Mallas ,Bhumij and Lodhas.The area belonged to Malla Raja. Raja Sarveshwar Singh together with the Rajput Military force and Cavalry invaded the deep forest region known as Junglekhanda, and defeated the tribal rulers the Mallas and adopted the surname Malla Deb and set up his kingdom with it's capital naming it Jhargram. In order to commerate this victory every year an idol of Malla Raja is made and killed on Vijaya Dasami (Dessehra) day.

Gallery of Jhargram Raj Palace: